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Meet the Team

Our success comes from proactive research and market mapping carried out by our research and resourcing teams. Once identified you’ll then speak with one of the consultants below, but initially you’re likely to come to a consultant’s attention through a member of the research or resourcing team.

They’re a lovely bunch and will treat you well. Tell them what you want and they’ll make sure the right people know what would suit you, and keep you in the forefront of their minds!

Andrew is an interim design and project engineering recruitment specialist with long-term relationships within the Automation Sector.

He has genuine enthusiasm for machinery design that sees him leave the office at every available opportunity to attend conferences so he can be in and amongst engineers with new and interesting gadgets for him to look at.

Outside of work he is an active tennis player and has taken up playing golf (but is still a long way from a handicap he deems acceptable!)

Chris spends his time trying to remember what various members of the team have asked him to do for them, often forgetting, and asking anyone who does want him to do anything for them to email him so that there’s a written reminder of whatever it is needs looking at. And then trying to squeeze in the time to look at it!

Outside of that he has a keen interest in all things electronics and still retains billing relationships with electronics related clients.

Hobbies include things that, believe it or not, are even more stereotypical than family, friends, music, football and socialising!

Dan is universally recognised as the world’s nicest man. Nothing is too much trouble. If you want something doing, ask Dan.

On top of this he is a fully fledged pop star (sort of) as our office musician and leading expert in all things Dancehall, Dub and Reggae.

A minor celebrity, Dan has DJ’d at several major festivals across the globe including Outlook (Croatia) and Uprising (Slovakia) as well as having several albums released (Spotify Danny T & Tradesmen: if you like reggae, you’ll like Dan!).

Well networked, with relationships going back over forty years since going to university in the 60s, David has worked in manufacturing as HR Manager, MD and for the last thirty years, in recruitment. David still remembers computer-less recruitment when it was all about having a great memory. A phone, a Filofax, a pen and paper. Useful for those particularly hard-to-fill vacancies!

David has dropped to a three day week and occasionally thinks about ‘proper retirement’ to leave him more time to improve an already half decent golf handicap. We don’t let him (and it’s not a complete kidnap operation, he likes being in and amongst the much larger business we have become) and ensure such thoughts are pushed to the back of his mind. Whilst people keep ringing him when they want to hire people, we’d like him to keep picking the phone up.

George specialises as a 360 Consultant in the furniture manufacturing industry – he even has his own brochure!

George’s biggest asset is his loyalty to his client bank. He takes the time to choose the right people to work with, it’s thought through and targeted rather than haphazardly approaching anyone who may have vacancies, but once you’re set in his mind as one of ‘his’ clients he’ll do everything and anything to make sure you’re happy.

Genuinely caring about the people he works with is how he maintains his relationships. He’s not in it for a quick fee and everyone that he’s worked with has valued that honesty and wanted to work with him again.

Jess is the first point of call if you are a candidate wanting to discuss a new role. She keeps on top of all roles from all consultants to act as a good entry point. We have hundreds of roles at any one time. If you want to know which ones might suit you, talk to Jess.

Outside of Futures Jess’ main passion is cooking. She’d have to place you a fair few times before you got invited round for dinner, but her thai green curry is lovely!

Joe is the lead contact for all advertising. If you have a question about a particular role, Joe is the person to speak to. He’ll help as much as he can.

After a Physics degree and always being a hobbyist electronics guy at home Joe has naturally gravitated toward electrical and electronics biased clients.

Joe is also responsible for quality and compliance audits for the research and resourcing teams. Joe holds people not on this page to task!

Jonny plays a number of sports and regularly attends the gym (purely to train his arms) when he’s not at work. As our resident maintenance specialist he’s likely to be the person who picks up the phone after 17:30, often flexing his shifts to fit in with the Shift Engineers he regularly places.

After only being with the business a couple of years he has quickly picked up on all of Mark Johnson’s good qualities, retained a few of his own, so that now you could call him a better looking and funnier version of an already excellent human being (other people than Jonny say this, we’re just not sure who!)

Kane is our resident Australian. True to form he does enjoy a barbecue, loves kangaroos, and was next door neighbour whilst back home to every other Australian currently living in the UK.

An ex-professional footballer (a goalkeeper; he can kick the ball a long way, but the direction is a mystery to anyone!) Kane retired three years ago and went back to what he knew as a teenager (construction sites and labouring) and now recruits for building material manufacturers and the Built Environment. Kane looks at buildings for a living!

Maria has been here since the start of our separate food division with a core focus on the North West. If you work in Food in the North West, Maria wants to know you if she doesn’t already.

Outside of work, Maria is a mum of 2 to her son and dog (crazy dog lady). She will usually be found petting strangers’ dogs in the street (whether they want petting or not!)

Mark spends his time worrying, constantly; that his clients are happy, that his candidates are happy, that his kids are happy, that Betty the corner shop lady is happy, and that he is doing a good job for everyone he meets and has ever met.

Fuelled by perpetual dread of disappointing someone and the desire to be a positive influence on those around him Mark is all things to all people within our separate Food division. Clients range from massive billion-pound turnover brand names through to niche SMEs you’d never know where there unless Mark told you.

Affectionately known as MJ, you will not find a bigger Cas Tigers Rugby League fan. Call him at work and you’ll meet professional Mark; call him on game day to speak to excited MJ the Cas fan!

Mel spends the majority of her time sourcing candidates for the food team, often carrying out in-depth headhunting for especially interesting roles. If you get a call from Mel, she could have something fantastic to tell you.

A social butterfly with a passion for family, music and friends Mel is living the life she loves and loving the life she lives!

Mike spends at least an hour of every day talking to ex Vickers / Barnbow engineers about how things aren’t like they used to be when they did their apprenticeships and that these young folk don’t know that they’re born. And then at least another hour of the day chewing the ear off the best and brightest new engineers to see what they teach them that they didn’t teach him in the 70s.

Clients span far and wide but all tend to revert back to Mike’s background in precision engineering: pumps, valves, medical devices, subcontract machining and special purpose machinery. Mike knows what you can and can’t do when cutting, shaping and sticking together bits of metal.

And it’s not just metal at work, Mike is to be found at Download festival rocking on!

Tash has been with Futures since 2015, initially working with our Education team before moving to Manufacturing to focus purely on Business Development. Natasha is highly regarded in the local area for her attention to detail and quick turnaround times. Known for creating strong, trustworthy and lasting relationships with her clients, she listens to her client’s needs, advises and supports them to find the best possible solution for improvements across their workforce, and ensures growth, development and sustainability for the long term.

Natasha offers a bespoke solution for your business and works closely with a team of highly skilled Manufacturing Consultants who are able to exactly match your requirements. She always goes above and beyond expectations to find the right solution for you.

Outside of work Tash is a certified Personal Trainer and is keen on all things sporty!

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