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Manufacturing and Engineering is approximately 15% of UK GDP. Futures are a sizeable concern and a well-known brand within our markets but put in that context and we’re still only a small part of a huge sector of the economy. It also makes our industry very hard to compartmentalise. Where does manufacturing start and finish? And who are we best positioned to help?
Broadly speaking, we’re interested in speaking to people who work for businesses that make something. People who we would want to approach for a director, manager or engineering role, anywhere in the UK. If you fit this mould, we’d love to speak to you. Each of our consultants have their own particular niche, and your personal background will determine who it is best for you to speak to initially.
We work with some of the best names in UK manufacturing (reputable brands with billion pound turnovers) providing specialist permanent and interim recruitment services. At the other end of the scale, we work with VC backed start-ups with single figure headcounts, providing support and advice for future growth prospects. We also provide business consultancy services for high value individuals wishing to purchase their own engineering company. And we work with companies somewhere in the middle, too.
A number of our vacancies are advertised but for a whole host of reasons many often aren’t. We map out markets ahead of time so that a large number of our vacancies are filled within a day or two of a client approaching us. The best vacancies rarely make it to the website – our clients won’t wait for the results of an ad-campaign, they want us to provide a shortlist of the most appropriate people within a few days.
In addition to filling the vacancies our clients approach us with the most significant way we add value for our candidates is by leveraging the good relationships we have with key hiring managers to make speculative introductions. Around a third of our placements come from identifying a high value individual who is interested in a move and confidentially (in full co-operation with the candidate in question) – discussing their profile with our little black book of contacts. A client might not know they’re looking to hire until we put you in front of them. Do you have something that means a client will want to hire you? We can introduce you to the right people to make your case.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on the way we work. We proactively map out the markets we work in, so that we get to know you in depth before considering putting you forward for roles. We learn what you want – responsibilities, salary, benefits, bonus, travel, atmosphere, cultural fit, management style, career progression. And we get to know what you have to offer – experience, qualifications, skillsets. In this way we only put you forward for roles where your experience and aspirations dovetail seamlessly with the requirements and progression plan of the role you’re interviewing for. We select only the best candidates, who can make a real difference. If you’re exceptional at what you do, get in touch today.

We are well known amongst our clients for providing the very best talent to suit their needs. Companies approach us time after time because they want the most appropriate person for their role, instantly, without any fuss. To do this, we need exceptional directors, managers and engineers who can hit the ground running in their new role and deliver success quickly.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Benefits

We offer you the utmost assurance of the quality of the positions we recruit for, whether permanent or interim. We have strong relationships with key clients and hiring managers throughout all of manufacturing and engineering.

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